If you're reading this you've possibly seen one of the couple of links I've spread about the fact I'm very nearly away on business in Rio De Janeiro for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Here's a bit of a glossary of things about my trip:

Contact Me

The best, most secure, and immediate way to contact me (except for the occasional four-hour interruption) will be via Snapchat WhatsApp (this probably goes for all circumstances even though I prefer iMessage (also appropriate for Rio)). I'll reply ASAP (to be confirmed when 'possible' generally is, probably late morning and late evening typically) and will phone back on WhatsApp if required.

You can also email me at hello-at-markwoosey-dot-com (or employ-at or mark-at depending on how formal or employment-related your email is about) if you don't have my number to WhatsApp me, for example.

If you have me on Facebook (or even if you don't but have my number), I'll be checking Messenger fairly regularly too, when time and WiFi permits.


I will, provided I have a spare minute every other day, put some of my views (i.e., not those of my employer) to type as and when they come to me. Don't expect anything too insightful, but it's definitely an experience/opportunity to be thoroughly documented.

I'll update below with links to those that I post as and when I do.

Keep Up

I'm going to be posting to social media now and again (dependent on how much I keep my smartphone on me and what my employer allows me to disclose), so follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.