I suppose I'd better introduce myself.

I'm Mark Woosey.

Known as a variety of things, but most commonly going via @mrkwse online, I'm an award-winning[1] budding computer scientist and likely future software engineer (subject to change). I'm originally from Liverpool, but currently living in York, splitting my time between reading Computer Science at the University of York, and rowing for the Univeristy of York Boat Club (as well as not rowing for UYBC).

My main interests in Computer Science are artificial intelligence, vision, graphics, and big data. In more casual terms, I'm a great lover of technology, from the big to the small - as I see it there's probably the most potential for the advancement of a variety of things, social, scientific, and otherwise, in technology and computing.

Away from my course, I do a variety of other things. As mentioned earlier, I row. This is something that is justifiably mentioned in the same sentence as my course because it's at least as demanding and rewarding as my degree itself. University and UYBC took me from a totally unfit teenager and transformed me to a not-totally-unfit twenty-something (the awkward wording is that because while I am probably relatively fit, the marker has moved and I'm never satisfied). A placement at Couchbase from 2014-2015 then drew me away from the water and into the depths of Manchester, where I spent 12 months supporting customers for Couchbase, developing their product and tools, drinking espresso, and cycling a bit.

I then cycled a lot, in September 2015, when I attempted to cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats, averaging well in excess of 80mi a day, until the escort van exploded, before I pedalled with such vigour that the set containing the separate parts of my bike increased in size (I tore the derailleur off).

Other hobbies of mine include gaming, skiing (I'm a qualified instructor), photography, TV, and cinema.

Oh, and I sometimes make television too (for the BBC, no less). I'm only award-nominated, however for my work in the field (so clearly I should stick to CS, or somehow combine the two fields, but the world might not be able to handle my expertise)[2]. Some of the things I've done include Wimbledon, Sports Personality of the Year, The FA Cup, The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, and Six Nations Rugby amongst others.

[1] I did win an academic award, the Matthew Stein Award for entrepreneurship, but it's probably not enough to brag that I'm award winning.

[2] No, I really am.