So this is a bit of a cop-out post, in the effort of getting absolutely anything out and written, while teasing some ideas floating around that I hope to post about quite soon (many of which I've attempted a few times but abandoned because I don't feel it worth sharing something that isn't at least slightly worthwhile or at least makes some form of point (the irony of this post isn't lost on me)). I try not to half-arse things, and as inconsequential as pretty much every post on this blog may turn out to be (save for me stumbling upon some wondrous thing in the future that somehow gives me an audience, at which point someone may trawl back 20 or so years to try and figure out my supposedly humble beginnings), this blog is no different in that I only want to put out things that I have some degree of satisfaction with.

I've got quite an exciting immediate future approaching. I'm off to the Olympics in just over a month with the BBC (well that is provided I don't wake up from this surreal dream before then), which I intend to blog about in the run up, while there, and upon my return (which will be September after the Paralympics). I'm entering my final year of university (finally) and have a particularly exciting (and fairly promising) project involving computer vision and neural networking (deep learning if I've not jumped the gun, still in the early stages), along with some quite intriguing modules, so expect some thoughts and updates on both of those things. I'll be looking towards my longer-term future as I take my first steps onto an abstract representation of some career ladder, so probably reflect on industries, applications, and other experiences and thoughts that result from the process.

There will be many times where I come away dissatisfied by what I've written, either due to the overall style of it, what I have or haven't said, or perhaps simply that the flow and cadence wasn't quite right, but I hope to publish more and more. I'll even endeavour to share more of the stuff that I'm not completely satisfied with, I feel that sharing average stuff is better than sharing nothing.

So watch this space. Keep your expectations modest and your patience, but hopefully this will be slightly less of a waste of VPS time.

[I don't know why the header is suddenly upside down after uploading, but I kind of like it]