In line with the BBC’s latest charter, I have decided this blog needs a new lick of paint away from the default. In the past I’d have found some pre-existing theme from somewhere, whacked it on my VPS, and called it a day. This time round though, after having some inspiration regarding one or two elements, I’ve got a vague draft design of what I want it to look like, an open VS Code editor, and pages of Ghost, handlebars, and CSS documentation sprawled across too many tabs.

After spending a couple of hours fighting CSS to get the header to look like what my Sketch design looks like, something tells me I’ll have some regrets, but hopefully a version 0.1 will be ready by the start of March. It’s nice, too, to have autonomy over what a thing will look like for a change, although conversely I’m sure what I’ll end up with will have many flaws that a properly qualified designer would strike away immediately.

What results will hopefully be somewhat unique, both in what’s good and what’s less good. Hopefully my front end abilities will be better developed by the end of it too, as I likely move to a backend focussed role at the BBC for the next six months.

A sneak peak of the tiniest, least committing part of the redesign

Also, the font sizes in the default theme are huge in the posts section.