As is typical with such pages/sites, I thought I'd give a little insight as to my setup here, explain what it is you're looking at.

So I shall work from the bottom, up. In terms of hosting, I use DigitalOcean's droplet solution of VPS (IaaS) to serve and store everything you see here. It's the brilliant combination of brilliant simplicity and supreme access to every part of the system. And it's dirt cheap. $5/mo. cheap.

The droplet solution includes a number of ways of setting up. You can choose from a number of linux distros or choose from distro/application combos that come with some sort of pre-installed solution.

This particular solution is the brilliant blogging platform/software Ghost. I've used WordPress for years (albeit without doing too much tinkering under the hood), and Ghost has blown me away with its simplicity and speed. Oh and it uses markdown exclusively, for it's post composer:

Look how nice it is!

At the time of writing (6/6/14), I just use the vanilla Casper theme, and the only seasoning I've added is Prism for more gratuitous code highlighting.

There are a number of things still for me to do, including (but not exclusively):

  • Do something special with the appearance, formatting, and general theme bits
  • Work out a way for Ghost to automatically update

But anyway, there we go. If anything extraordinary happens, or any dramatic changes occur, I'll update this post, but until then let's see how this goes!