After a couple of weeks of despairing over display: flex and responsive layouts, here, for your consideration is the new look (or or It's a work in progress, but I'm quite pleased to have a more individual weblog thing.


As part of a determined effort to be more like Apple, I've made things more black and white. With the wonderful Unsplash integration that Ghost now includes, the hope is to have as many (featured) images as possible, and keep things minimalistic elsewhere.


Because this is my first attempt doing something sort of front-endish from scratch, there will be/are some teething problems. I've already spotted a couple, some more minor than others, but such is life while trying to write code while the BBC's doing a typically brilliant job of covering a Winter Olympics.


I hope to open source this design at some point. Certain limitations of Ghost means some bits (mainly social) are a bit hardcoded at this point. I'm certain there will be some way to decouple these bits into a config file and have gulp join the dots, but that's another problem for another day.