So it's been about a month, more-or-less since I joined Couchbase. It's been a rather good month, I must say.

I've blitzed the training, although that's probably less to my credit and more owing to the fact that the training materials are still a WiP. However, beyond the training I've tested the water elsewhere, be it on #couchbase on IRC, StackOverflow, or even within the company's premium support - answering queries and working towards solutions of and with some major-name customers. All a very rewarding process.

Just as rewarding, although only in the early stages, is my assignment to CBSP-31 (yes! it is publically viewable, one of the perks of open-source), to work on shipping an update to a third-party (open-source) application that will be widely used by our users; through liasing with others in the company, running my own tests, and (although I haven't started to do so yet) adding to what is already there.

All exciting and promising stuff, then.

Away from the based couch, things have been varied.

Manchester seems a good place to live - plenty to see and do (and to spend paycheques on!), and I'm looking forward to spending a year here. Weirdly though it's making me miss York and feel overwhelmingly glad to be away from it in equal measure.

The house is a very contrasting experience. I feel I'm getting an absolute bargain here. I've got a large room, plenty of appliances, utilities such as Sky+HD (w/ the full package), and overall it's quite pleasant. Moving in has seen a massive number of teething pains though - mice, missing TV Licences (supposedly a part of my rent), and a landlord (landlady?) that is quite simply impossible to get in touch with. The pros will certainly outweigh the cons in the longterm (particularly when my housemates return from their summer break), but the issues are quite unsettling (to the extent it may have inspired a new project!).

Looking ahead though, in a few days I'll venture up to Glasgow for the XX Commonwealth Games, something exceptionally surreal, perhaps even more so than it is exciting, but one of those things I'm sure to remember fondly in years to come.

And then when I get back I can buy a ridiculous bike and gaming computer.