Friday 2 March saw me depart Interactive TV and the Pyros team at the end of my first rotation at the BBC. There's clearly a huge amount to reflect on from the past 1/2 year, but some quick thoughts are:

  • The BBC is a brilliant organisation
    • Its people are, overall, superb
    • Its support of grads and juniors is fantastic
  • Pyros are a brilliant team
    • The points above largely stemmed from experiences with in my immediate team
  • Things aren't always seamless and frictionless
  • Despite still feeling like a student who has managed to sneak into the BBC, I've been afforeded a huge amount of trust and responsibility.
    • This included organising running a university hackathon on behalf of the Corporation
    • A big part of this is that the structure and culture of the organisation seems to allow anyone at any level to present ideas and contribute to discussion at pretty much any level.
  • The Corporation faces a number of problems, some reported by the news, others more private but similarly important for the ongoing effectiveness of the org as a public service broadcaster in the 21st Century.
  • The Beeb really is beginning to really explore how it can really innovate across a number of areas to ensure that effectiveness and reinforce its position as a content provider and creator, public service or otherwise, against increasingly diverse and well established competition.

On Monday I start my next rotation, making my triumphant return to BBC Sport in the BBC Live team. I feel I've gotten really lucky in getting a Sport placement as Russia 2018 approaches, and Live's product(s) really resonate personally and have a lot of exciting potential.