In 12 hours, barring delays on the TransPennine Express (not impossible), I'll have arrived at Couchbase's Manchester office to start the first day of my placement. It's a slightly weird notion that I'll have a routine, let alone one that extends to responsibilities that stretch beyond myself and the university.

Couchbase are young, but hugely exciting, their client-base alone is astounding, with some huge names liking what they're doing. The Manchester office is primarily a support centre, which will hopefully mean some interaction with these well-established companies, and a bit of a glimpse as to their processes, structures etc. Even without this though, the size and setup of the company suggests the next 12(ish) months will be superb in expanding my proficiency and skillset within computer science and software engineering (as well as big data - a massive area of growth in the industry and a pretty exciting one to).

It's an exciting opportunity. One I was initially lukewarm to, but that has built in potential and general excitement. Things seem to be happening there and to be working on something with such promise that has all the perks of being open source too - it's excellent.

So expect lots more blog posts (although ones that adhere to the company policy of "don't be an idiot").