It's been a week. My first week of full-time employment. It's been a little surreal so-far. Everything is extremely pleasant, from the team to (the majority of) my surroundings.

The product itself, Couchbase Server is surprising in how much it has excited me. I spent all of the week learning the ins and outs of it (along with how to deploy it), and it's brilliant seeing how something of this substance is implemented and works in such depth. Couchbase is a very impressive product, and seems a demonstration of the expertise of the engineers in the company. It's not perfect, but problems seem to get solved rapidly and thoroughly.

The Manchester team seem great too. Everyone in the office seems talented and knowledgeable, and I'm sure I'll learn a massive amount over the next twelve months, likely more than I would anywhere else I considered. The company doesn't feel overly corporate either, which should make for a more pleasant stay in my time with Couchbase - one of my concerns with an industrial placement would be how easily I'd adjust from the relative freedom of university (and the skewed daily schedule) to a professional environment, but this feels good.

My responsibilities and potential work sounds challenging and rewarding too, something I was particularly keen for when browsing placement schemes, and something that seemed rarer than one might expect - many schemes seemed to treat their interns as glorified QA.

It's early days (but also a kind of staggering amount (as the title suggests)) still, but I'm hugely positive about the coming months, and looking forward to getting all sorts of things done.