As I depart York after my second year of studying Computer Science, I thought a blog might be a neat thing to do.

Next year, I'm on placement at hip-and-happening database company Couchbase in Manchester. Well I say next year, I start next week, but it's how I'll spend what would otherwise be my third year of studies.

This placement is really exciting. Couchbase (a company I'd never heard of before they visited my university) are doing some really exciting things (exciting if you're a geek like me, that is) and my job/role has lots of promise - I could gain a great deal from it.

This blog is primarily intended to be a kind of account for what I get up to in the next 12-and-a-bit months, be it in Couchbase or anything else I find myself devoting my life to (*cough* rowing *cough*).

So on here you can expect:

  • Updates, thoughts, tricks, and tips from my work at Couchbase (and that includes code - everything's open source!)
  • General musings on all things technological
  • Rowing
  • Photos, if I don't find myself hating every photo I take
  • The meaning of life.

So please come in, put on your slippers, grab a hot chocolate, and make yourself at home!